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1. What does this character fear? Captain Archeron is afraid of losing his crew again. He lost his ship once before when it was lit on fire by Alex (the same event that gave him his scar) and in that event lost many members of his crew. He was overcontrolling ruthless when it came to commanding his ship but many members of the crew were good friends and it hurt him greatly to lose them. It also hurt him financially to replace/train new members as well as replace his ship.
2. What does this character remember with guilt? He believes it to be his fault his wife committed suicide. She complained about financial issues so Archeron turned to pirating. The two of them had a fight over it being a solution or not. He decided to go out on another voyage and upon return found a suicide note from his wife.
3. What is this character’s happiest memory? His wedding. He remembers seeing his wife come down the aisle and how beautiful she looked. Archeron also remembers the joyful buzz of the festivities and how it felt to be so very in love.
4. How do they feel about love? Have they been in love before? He feels everyone has a partner in the world but that it’s work to find them and then more work to keep things together. He thinks it would be worth it but that he failed at his only chance. As for being in love before of course he was because he was married.
5. How much torture would it take for this character to give up their mother? Like any human who didn’t have a rough childhood he has an attachment to his mother and it would be extremely difficult to give her up. He often doesn’t invite his mother over to his home because he does not want her to know about his dangerous piracy based life. He doesn’t want her to worry.
6. What is one thing this character would change about themself? Archeron wishes he could express his actual personality more. He is afraid his crew will become disloyal if they are not shown an iron fist so he knows he can’t.
7. What is the one secret this character would never tell anyone? Where his wife is burried. The members of his crew know he had one because his ship was named after her before it burned (he later renamed the second/current one after her as well but with a twist) but he refuses to tell anyone where her body is located as he fears robbers will take advantage.

8. What is the ideal life for this character? If given any choice, Archeron would have money and want his wife to be alive again. That way they’d never have the argument about financial issues and he never would’ve lost his friends in the crash. He also wishes he could’ve had children which he has a fondness for.

9. Given the choice, would this character rather kill themself or kill a stranger? By this point he would rather kill himself. He believes the time for his death will be obvious when it comes but since he survived the fire it just “isn’t his time”. If the time comes where he cannot escape his fate he would take his own life. This way if suicide warrants a different afterlife than natural death he will be reunited with his wife.

10. When this character sleeps, what do they dream about? He dreams about treasure. People have the tendency to dream about things that they deal with during the day so this is a natural progression in his day.

Archeron let out the breath he was holding as his face hit the wood planks of the flying pirate style ship. His hands ached and if nothing else he wished he could rip the ropes binding his wrists off because he could feel them starting to leave rings on his skin.
“Don’t look up,” a voice demanded. It was female and as soon as Archeron disobeyed to see who his captor was, a heavy boot slammed his face into the wood again. She ground it across the back of his head. A sickening crunch followed and blood started to flow.

“You didn’t ‘ave to do that,” Archeron mumbled. His voice sounded strange, nasily like he had a cold. The broken nose didn’t help.
The woman laughed. She snapped her fingers and he was yanked to his feet. She came within an inch or two of his face and stared daggers into his eyes. “I didn’t have to but it was fun. Now, I’m going to tell you what’s going on and you’re going to listen to me. No questions asked, got me?”
She started pacing the deck. “You have a nice vessel here and I don’t. So, I’m taking it from you. You are going to be left all alone on the streets of this damned city and you’re going to rot, dear Captain.”
“And wot if I refuse?” Archeron asked. He barely had time to finish. A punch connected with his stomach and he doubled over. A hard object touched his temple and he froze. A gun.
“If you refuse you’ll find yourself reunited with your trashy wife faster than you can say ‘oops’,” the gun’s holder snarled into his ear.
Archeron started to shake. As big and bad as he pretended to be this was too much. “My ship is named-”
“Yes yes,” the woman said. She waved him off. “We all know this dumpy ship is named after your dumpy wife. But there’s nothing saying I won’t just rename it. So what do you say Captain? Think carefully.”
He swallowed hard. “I say yes.”
The gun was removed from his head. “Thatta boy!”
He was pulled toward the main mast of the ship and tied to it. The gunholder explained he would be dropped off as soon as they found a good place to drop him and left him with his thoughts for the night.
“Agatha forgive me,” he mumbled. “I think my time has actually come. It’s finally obvious what my end is going to be. I’m not going to let them take your memory from me.”
He looked down at his ratty blue coat. It was something he’d stolen from another and used to give himself the appearance of a ‘real captain’. Archeron couldn’t help but feel like he didn’t deserve it anymore.
Fortunately he had a plan for said coat. His eyes fixated on one of the gas lamps used to give the deck some illumination. It was attached to a metal rod near the entrance to his quarters. If he could strike it he could make it fall and by experience he knew almost every inch of the ship was flammable. Especially his coat.
He gave the sky a quick glance. It was late at night and the self proclaimed female captain and her lackeys were bound to be asleep.
Thank God I took the vessel out alone this time. Nobody else will get hurt. he thought.
Archeron braced his back against the mast. He put his weight onto one knee and slipped his shoe mostly off on the other foot. With a quick motion he kicked and the shoe sailed through the air. Direct hit.
The lamp shattered and the flames began to spread. He closed his eyes. Screams from the woman and her makeshift ‘crew’ rang in his ears but he filtered it out. The heat blazed and wrapped around him. It was like a blanket at first but then it became unbearable.
He gritted his teeth. The ropes on his wrists were gone. His coat was too. His skin fused together. Archeron screamed in pain. Now was not the time for pride. Then it was over. He felt peaceful.
“Arch,” a familar, soft voice said. He felt a cold hand touch his face and his eyes opened but there was a black void all around him.
“Agatha?” he asked, unsure.
Her beautiful figure appeared and he almost felt like he was about to cry. She was exactly as he remembered her with perfect skin and gorgeous eyes. He reached out and grabbed her hand. It was cool like the one that touched him before. He embraced her.
“I’ve missed you.”
She smiled softly back. “And I have missed you.”
She kissed him and led the way down a golden path illuminated in the void. The two of them faded away. They were together at last.


Protagonist: Alexander “Alex”

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1. What does this character fear? He has a fear of being left alone. Since he was orphaned and then the orphanage eventually was destroyed to make room for industrial expansion in the area he is afraid to become clingy with any one place/thing. The only exception is Timur who took him in and Athena who has become like a younger sister. Instead of being afraid to lose them he is afraid he will become overly protective. He constantly has to remind himself Timur is much older and in charge and that Athena isn’t as innocent as she makes herself seem.

2. What does this character remember with guilt? Once when he was young back in the orphanage Alex did become close to another orphan by the name of Jesse. He and the boy were good friends but he was always jealous of Jesse’s position since he was considered more of an ‘upper class’ orphan. Jesse owned toys that were left on the step with him and even looked cleaner than the others. So one day Alex stole the model airship from under Jesse’s pillow and tossed it out in the garbage. Jesse cried for days but instead of comforting him, Alex called him a baby.

3. What is this character’s happiest memory? This would probably be the time he took his first flight. The technology wasn’t perfected yet but Timur (an engineer Alex lives with) promised it would function well enough for a test. With the engineer’s help he hooked a crude harness to the prototype version of his dragon wings and put it onto his back. It was heavy but the feeling of being weightless in flight has always stuck with him even though he’s flown hundreds of times since then.

4. How do they feel about love? Have they been in love before? Alex feels that love is a noose. He believes it will make him weak and will keep him from being able to give everything if the need arises. He tries to suppress any emotions that involve becoming attached to anyone besides his makeshift family of Timur and Athena. Though she is younger Athena has been trying to get him to notice her romantically for ages. He ignores it.

5. How much torture would it take for this character to give up their mother? Considering Alex was orphaned, he has mixed feelings about her. On one hand he feels that if she was cruel enough to give him up that he would do the same given the chance so she could suffer too. On the other hand he also believes that she perhaps had a good reason. What if she was a caring woman and just wanted him to live better by getting adopted by a family who was better off? Without knowing her real intentions he doesn’t know how much torture it would be to leave her by choice.

6. What is one thing this character would change about themself? If given the chance Alex would change his personality. On the job he is calm and calculating but once he gets back “home” with Timur and Athena he becomes more laid back and fun loving. He even has sibling style arguments with Athena over things like food. It’s not that this isn’t a good thing but he’d rather be more withdrawn. That way he feels more protected. It’s too late to fix his attachment to Timur and Athena now but he wishes he did in the beginning. Then he wouldn’t need to worry so much over them which he considers a distraction.

7. What is the one secret this character would never tell anyone? He will never tell anyone he actually is in a great amount of pain during flights. Originally the metal plates were put into his spine so the wings could be hooked into nerves and such as soon as Timur figured it out. However, the harness was meant to take the bulk of the weight. Since then the harness’s straps have become weaker and his spine is starting to feel more wear and tear. He’s more concerned with the raids than his own safety so he has yet to tell Timur about it. As an added bonus he doesn’t want to offend his father-like figure by telling him the design’s flaws.

8. What is the ideal life for this character? Ideally Alex would want to be one of the upper class citizens. They don’t have to worry about the city’s filth or the troubles of air ship raids. They don’t need to be concerned with surviving every night against elements of out of their control. Essentially Alex sees them as living in a bubble and he wishes he could be inside where he thinks life would be better.

9. Given the choice, would this character rather kill themself or kill a stranger? He would rather kill a stranger. His life has been based upon survival of the fittest and in some cases survival of the more educated. He would protect his own life at any cost (except maybe the cost of Athena and Timur’s lives) and would try not to have regret for those he’s killed. It never gets any easier so he only kills when he really needs to.

10. When this character sleeps, what do they dream about? Alex sleeps during the night while Athena sleeps during the day so raids can be consistent. He is a dragon while she is an owl so naturally during his sleep he dreams of being a real dragon. He always had a love for fantasy stories and since Timur taught him to read he is known to have stacks of books next to his bed. He often falls asleep shortly after returns from trips out to the pirate airships but when he has time he reads before he passes out. His dreams are adventurous and childish, often consisting of battles between wizards and dragons and are essentially comprised of classical fairy tale style.

“Are you sure this is going to work?” an eight year old boy asked as he nervously toyed with his messy hair. He wiped smudges of dirt off of his face and looked into the eyes of the man in front of him.

“Of course!” the man said. He wiped sweat from his brow onto a cloth he quickly shoved back into the front pocket of his engineer uniform. There was something about his tone that made him sound uncertain. “It has to work Alex, we’ve put so much time into it.”

Alex chewed his bottom lip a little. “If you say so Timur.”

The engineer nodded. “I do, I do. Now just relax. Turn around and hold up your arms please. I need to be able to get the harness onto you properly.”

“Sorry,” Alex said shyly. He tried not to squirm especially when a strap was placed under his armpits to support it across his chest. Once the metal wings were properly in place he tried to take a step. They were bulky but he could move. That was a good sign.

Timur waved his hands in a gesture. “Now shoo. Go on, give it a try boy!”

A shudder ran down the boy’s spine. He started to job toward the edge of the roof of Timur’s apartment building. When he got close to the end he stopped and stared downward. It was a long drop.

“Are you absolutely sure these are going to work? Not to doubt your amazing skills but I um…I don’t want to die.”

“Trust me Alexander, you are going to love it. Just give it a try! Besides, any engineer worth his weight in gold knows how to build a simple wing rig! You’ll be absolutely fine. I promise!”

Alex was starting to shake but he nodded anyway. “Alright. I just won’t look when I jump.”

“That’s my boy!” Timur cheered proudly.

It took another running start and closing his eyes but moments later Alex was in the air. He hung there a moment and started to plummet. He screamed. “I am going to die” kept playing in his mind.

“The button!” Timur shouted while he leaned over the edge of the roof. “Push the button!”

Alex’s shaking fingers pressed it. The wings extended and a small engine within them began to hum. He rose back to roof level and his eyes widened. “It-it works! Holy crud Timur! It really works!” He started to say in minor hysterics. Laughter bubbled up within him.

He flew a little loop and put his arms forward. He felt like a superhero! “This is incredible!” he shouted over the wind. “Woo hoo!” It was like nothing he ever experienced before. He was lighter than air and more amazing than ever.

“Alright Alex, come on! Get back over here!” Timur yelled. He cupped his hands to his mouth to make sure the flying boy could hear. Moments later Alex touched down shaking from the adrenaline.

Dragons have always been viewed as sheer myths and legends, however, England is advised to be on the lookout.  There have been multiple sightings from Austrichichichishire.

The dragons found have been noted as being 25 feet long and 10 feet high.  Their scales range anywhere from a dull green to a vibrant red.  Though they may appear beautiful, the dragons belong to a rogue clan of dragons, which he strongly advise anyone to stay away from.

Their diets consist mostly of rabbits, but there are reports of a few children gone missing.  This leads us to believe that the species found is knucker.  This species, though unable to fly, is extremely deadly.  It can run quickly and catch its prey.  Popular hiding places include wells and holes, known as knucker holes.  If you find one, you are strongly advised to go in the other direction and contact a local dragonologist to handle the dragon in the proper way.

Do not attempt to take matters into your own hands.  This can result in death, a highly unfavorable side effect of the knucker’s bite.  Leave the dragon alone.  That is your only required objective.

On a brighter note, there have been sightings of a European Dragon.  It is rather old, so it is not a threat.  It is also very amiable, so there is no worry.  Rather than eating you, he enjoys talking to you and engaging in riddling games for his own entertainment.

Please keep us up to date on any further dragon sightings so that we might spread the word about these almost extinct species.  Report your sightings to or call us at 555-DRAGONS.  Visit us on the web at www.dragonsROCK.drag.  Keep these species alive!

(Please note:  Everything in this is bogus.  Don’t try to e-mail/visit the website.  I just made them up.)


The Death of the Emperor (My legend for Spanish)

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It isn’t as good in English, but here it is.

It was raining cats and dogs very early in the morning.  The beautiful princess, Meralda, was going to her father, a very old emperor, in their large palace.  He was in his room, dead!  Meralda was very sad and was crying.  She went to her friend, the valient warior named Gabriel.  How did the emperor die?

The princess found Gabriel in the training grounds.  When she was asking him about her father, he was not responding.  She was very curious, but did not question him further.  Finally, Gabriel made a suggestion.  He told her to see the emperor’s wife because she was with him before he died.  She listened to him.

Her mother was in the emperor’s room when Meralda arrived.  While the two talked, Gabriel entered the room.  He was carrying a knife!  Meralda and her mother were frightened.  He was the enemy!  They ran quickly to the river.  Gabriel ran too fast and fell into the river.  Because he could not swim, he died.  Meralda and her mother returned to the palace.  They were very content because they knew the enemy of the emperor was dead.  The princess was a bit sad because the enemy was Gabriel, but his actions were terrible.  The princess and her mother lived happily ever after.

The end!