Headstone Child

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(Halloween story from last year.)


Heaven… There’s no place on Earth that can even come close to its beauty! Ehrin knew that, and so did every other person who went there upon death. It was a shame that someone so young would find this out, but that carriage’s coach just wasn’t paying attention to the road.

It was just a typical day in paradise. She was playing with her old dog, Jester, when something started feeling wrong. It felt as though a weight had been attached to her leg, and speedily it pulled her through the cloud floor.

“JESTER!!!!” she shouted up to the dog. The dog only howled sorrowfully and watched her plummet to the Earth.

There was a sickening crunch as she landed on her back. She cried loudly and tried to move her wings. Even trying hurt. She sat up and looked back at them. They were now hanging limply, contorted.

With a sniffle, she stood up and looked at where she landed. Quickly, she recognized it as the graveyard where she had been buried… she wasn’t even sure how long it had been. Something was wrong, though. She knew this was the spot where her body lay, yet the headstone wasn’t there. There had certainly been one there!

“Ah… So THIS is Ehrin…” a deep voice laughed from behind her.

She whirled around, blonde curls bouncing on her shoulders. “Wh-who are you?” she asked.

A smile spread across the man’s lips. “Paul Hunter, m’lady,” he said, bowing deeply to her, black hair shimmering in the moonlight as dark eyes looked her over.

Her lower lip quivered. “Wh-what do you want with me?” she asked.

“Calm now, child,” he whispered. “Everything will be alright!”

“My wings! They hurt!” she whimpered.

“Don’t worry. It won’t last for long.” He draped an arm over her shoulders and led her away from the graveyard.

She tried to break away from him. “My headstone! I see it!” she cried, running toward a tiny stone leaning against the church. “I need it!”

Paul grabbed her arm. “No! You’re mine now!” he said, pulling her away. If she grabbed that tombstone, she would surely return to the afterlife. He’d already learned THAT lesson.

“LET GO!!!!” she shouted at him.

“No!” he hissed, dragging her from the graveyard. “I need you’re help, pesky brat!”

Tears began falling from her blue eyes. “B-but… Heaven! I have to go back!”

He continued to drag her away. “I have somewhere else for you to go. My bothersome sister needs to be taught a lesson, and you’re gonna help me teach it!”

She continued to cry, but to no avail, as Paul pulled her into a… motorized carriage?… and took her away from her graveyard. As she looked around at the faces of other tortured spirits, she abandoned all hope of ever returning to Heaven.

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