My Own Inward Turmoil

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 (I am not posting this to gain anyone’s approval nor do I want to hear any kind of feedback that my belief is false.  I will respect your beliefs if you will respect mine.)

I see the lies as they spread like fire:
That we are all the same,
That we have conformed to rules
Which were never really true.
Our book of rules is called a book of lies
Which has been “lost in translation.”
And many feel all we wish to do
Is shove our beliefs down your throat. 

A few people flaunt the name
As though it was a parade balloon,
And they have tried to change the minds
Of those who are callous to their belief.
They go as hypocrites and ignore the law
Which was written down centuries ago.
And people think because we bear the same name
We are all the same deep inside,
And we are full of lies. 

Yet tell me this:
If faith has made me stronger,
If prayer has saved my life,
If I have felt the hand of God,
If I know someone who has changed,
If jubilation comes with my love,
If I have witnessed to prophesy,
How Christianity can be false.

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