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 Fen glanced in the mirror. Still, there was nothing she could see with her God’s eye. She pushed the lock of auburn hair back into place and turned away quickly. After a moment, she fled the room, skin changing to fur as her body made the slow morph from human to fox. She was just about to run out an open door when something grabbed her collar. With a “yip,” she turned around to see her captor.

Once more, there was her father. “Trying to run away again?” he asked.

Fen quickly shook her head and returned to human form, the collar looking less like a collar and more like a chain-link necklace. “I wasn’t! I promised!”

“Perhaps you weren’t trained enough…” he mumbled, pulling her into the lab.

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Dark and Light

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Dark and light,
A constant battle,
Always strife.
Sometimes dark leads
Then light commences.
A vicious cycle
Without end.
Like a serpent
Always after its tail
Traversing the vast oceans,
it goes around.
Peace can never exist
So long as dark and light
Remain in their quarrel.
So long as neither
Shall prevail.

But I shall say,
For I hold faith,
One day the quarrel will end.
One day, the light will prevail.
One day, the dark will perish.
One day, good will reign.
But for today,
The battle commences.
Light against dark,
Dark against light,
Good against evil,
And evil against good.

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