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Headstone Child

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(Halloween story from last year.)


Heaven… There’s no place on Earth that can even come close to its beauty! Ehrin knew that, and so did every other person who went there upon death. It was a shame that someone so young would find this out, but that carriage’s coach just wasn’t paying attention to the road.

It was just a typical day in paradise. She was playing with her old dog, Jester, when something started feeling wrong. It felt as though a weight had been attached to her leg, and speedily it pulled her through the cloud floor.

“JESTER!!!!” she shouted up to the dog. The dog only howled sorrowfully and watched her plummet to the Earth.

There was a sickening crunch as she landed on her back. She cried loudly and tried to move her wings. Even trying hurt. She sat up and looked back at them. They were now hanging limply, contorted.

With a sniffle, she stood up and looked at where she landed. Quickly, she recognized it as the graveyard where she had been buried… she wasn’t even sure how long it had been. Something was wrong, though. She knew this was the spot where her body lay, yet the headstone wasn’t there. There had certainly been one there!

“Ah… So THIS is Ehrin…” a deep voice laughed from behind her.

She whirled around, blonde curls bouncing on her shoulders. “Wh-who are you?” she asked.

A smile spread across the man’s lips. “Paul Hunter, m’lady,” he said, bowing deeply to her, black hair shimmering in the moonlight as dark eyes looked her over.

Her lower lip quivered. “Wh-what do you want with me?” she asked.

“Calm now, child,” he whispered. “Everything will be alright!”

“My wings! They hurt!” she whimpered.

“Don’t worry. It won’t last for long.” He draped an arm over her shoulders and led her away from the graveyard.

She tried to break away from him. “My headstone! I see it!” she cried, running toward a tiny stone leaning against the church. “I need it!”

Paul grabbed her arm. “No! You’re mine now!” he said, pulling her away. If she grabbed that tombstone, she would surely return to the afterlife. He’d already learned THAT lesson.

“LET GO!!!!” she shouted at him.

“No!” he hissed, dragging her from the graveyard. “I need you’re help, pesky brat!”

Tears began falling from her blue eyes. “B-but… Heaven! I have to go back!”

He continued to drag her away. “I have somewhere else for you to go. My bothersome sister needs to be taught a lesson, and you’re gonna help me teach it!”

She continued to cry, but to no avail, as Paul pulled her into a… motorized carriage?… and took her away from her graveyard. As she looked around at the faces of other tortured spirits, she abandoned all hope of ever returning to Heaven.

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 Fen glanced in the mirror. Still, there was nothing she could see with her God’s eye. She pushed the lock of auburn hair back into place and turned away quickly. After a moment, she fled the room, skin changing to fur as her body made the slow morph from human to fox. She was just about to run out an open door when something grabbed her collar. With a “yip,” she turned around to see her captor.

Once more, there was her father. “Trying to run away again?” he asked.

Fen quickly shook her head and returned to human form, the collar looking less like a collar and more like a chain-link necklace. “I wasn’t! I promised!”

“Perhaps you weren’t trained enough…” he mumbled, pulling her into the lab.

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My Own Inward Turmoil

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 (I am not posting this to gain anyone’s approval nor do I want to hear any kind of feedback that my belief is false.  I will respect your beliefs if you will respect mine.)

I see the lies as they spread like fire:
That we are all the same,
That we have conformed to rules
Which were never really true.
Our book of rules is called a book of lies
Which has been “lost in translation.”
And many feel all we wish to do
Is shove our beliefs down your throat. 

A few people flaunt the name
As though it was a parade balloon,
And they have tried to change the minds
Of those who are callous to their belief.
They go as hypocrites and ignore the law
Which was written down centuries ago.
And people think because we bear the same name
We are all the same deep inside,
And we are full of lies. 

Yet tell me this:
If faith has made me stronger,
If prayer has saved my life,
If I have felt the hand of God,
If I know someone who has changed,
If jubilation comes with my love,
If I have witnessed to prophesy,
How Christianity can be false.

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The Dragon Wind: Why the wind is invisible

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(I wrote this back in September or October for my English class while we were studying early American literature.  It explains why we can neither see the wind nor know where it comes from or where it goes.)

The Dragon Wind 

Prologue: Meeting in the Night 

The crackling of the fire was monotonous as the wood within slowly charred. A gentle breeze began to rustle the leaves. Above, a brilliant moon cast shadows through the large oak trees. Quietly, the tribe made their way to the bonfire meeting called to order by their leader, Isä.

“Greetings, tribe of Lohikääme,” Isä began as he moved to stand at the front of the bonfire. “It is with great pride that I welcome my son Mies to our tribal meetings.”
Mies nodded to the tribe, his shaggy black hair falling in front of his face with the motion.

“Mies has finally come of age and is now ready to hear the tale of Lohikääme, the mighty Mother Dragon whom our tribe honors by name,” he continued. He raised his head as another gust of wind blew through the forest. “These winds have graced our land for the past centuries, but many of our ancestors never knew what the invisible wind was.” He turned his gaze toward the flames. “Long ago, the only gusts that were felt were from the wing beats of the dragons.”
Hesitantly, Mies began to speak. “But Father, there are no dragons.”

A tiny chuckle left Isä’s mouth. “Not now,” he agreed, “but in the land of our forefathers, dragons ruled the skies.” There was a great pause as his gaze moved from Mies to the bonfire to the sky. “Oh, great Lohikääme! Come now! Show us your might! Show us the story of life and death, of new and old!”

Once more, a gust of wind buffeted the air, this time carrying the flames with it. Isä’s otherwise dark eyes were lit in the sudden light. The awe-struck tribe watched as a dragon formed in the blaze. Laggardly, the story began.


The Great Dragons of Old


Death…Destruction…Demise… Lohikääme thought to herself as her large orange bat-like wings sliced through the air. Those were the “Three Draconic D’s.” This time was not a safe time for the dragons. The weather had grown warm which meant it was once more time for the hunt. Below, she could hear the voices of the mortal hunters.

“We need the Draconic blood!” one shouted to the other, holding a bow with an arrow already nocked and ready. “The wounds of our people must be healed!”

“It is the scales we need! Illness is a greater evil!” the other hunter replied.

Lohikääme gave a large, coercive roar. She abhorred this human obsession with dragons. Various parts of the dragon did heal mortal ailments, but it disgusted her that the mortals would simply kill another race for the sake of their own.

The sudden noise drew the attention of the hunters. The one who was first to speak was already releasing an arrow. Lohikääme only had to open her red jaws and blow a single plume of flames to stop the wooden arrow in its path. Disgruntled, the two hunters began to nock multiple arrows at once. Before they could get a good sight of the dragon, however, she had disappeared.

When she was a safe distance away, Lhikääme landed on the side of the cliff. “I have returned, Aviomes,” she whispered, not wanting to risk being heard by any of the hunters down below.

There was a long pause, and nothing could be heard but silence.

“Aviomes?” she called out again.

A faint response could be heard that time. “Lohikääme?” a voice croaked.

She gasped. “Aviomes!” she called out, quickly trotting to the other side of the rocky outcropping.

The sight before her was appalling. Aviomes, her once dazzlingly blue dragon mate, was lying on the ground, one heaving side covered in a mat of blood with an arrow protruding from the center. “Lohikääme..” he whispered. Weakly, he motioned with his head for her to draw near.

Hesitantly, she obeyed his order. “Yes?” she whimpered, feeling warm tears welling up in her eyes.

“I… I tried to stop them… There were too many…” he croaked, lifting his wing slowly to reveal a tiny, motionless dragon.

“Nuorten!” she gasped. “My son! His scales! I cannot look…” Sure enough, the scales of the young dragon’s side were missing, revealing tender, soft flesh.

“I… I tried… Th-they caught me…” he mumbled, laying his wing down again. His breath came in pants for a moment longer before it completely ceased.

“My husband! My son!” she mourned openly, not caring who heard. However, no one was within earshot at the time to hear her roars of anguish.

After many hours of wallowing in her tears, Lohikääme straightened her broad shoulders and took to the sky in search of Viisaus. If anyone could help the dragons, it was the wise Great Horned Owl.

Viisaus was preening his feathers when he felt the gusts of wind that came from the wing beats of the dragon. He quickly straightened and looked over. He recognized the red body and orange wings. “Ah, Lohikääme! What brings you to my tree of knowledge?” he asked, tilting his head to the side.

“Oh, Great Viisaus! I bessech you! Help my kind through these terrible times!” Lohikääme pleaded. “The Father Dragon is dead! Killed by the sticks of the mortal-kind!”

“No, now. Be calm. I believe I have just the thing to help you,” he said, hopping into the tree. He came back with a tome in his beak. He dropped it on the fork of the branch and began flipping through it with a clawed foot. “Invigorate… Invincible… Inviolable… Inviolate… Inviscid… Ah ha! Invisibility!” he hooted in success. “How many of your kind are left?”

“There are no more than fifty left,” she said with a nod of her head.

“Then this spell is perfect!” If not for his age, he would have leaped from the branch and arched through the air.

“What is it?” she asked, craning her neck to see what the owl had read.

“It is a most potent spell. It will be of great use to you and your likes!” he said, hopping back into the knothole. “Just need to find a few things… just a few…” After a short while, he came back out holding a vial in his beak. “Because all dragons are descended from you and are thus linked, if you drink this, the entire lot of you will become invisible to all.”

Lohikääme’s eyes lit up. “Invisible?” she gasped. Before the owl could even respond, she had clutched the tiny vial with her forefoot and downed its contents in a single gulp. “I don’t feel so good…” she mumbled.

Everything went black. The sky was first to return. Had it always been green? No… It was blue again. A strange tingling stretched over her body. She gained a sudden feeling of weightlessness. Then, nothing. With a deep breath, she stood up. “Well… Did it work?” she asked.

Viisaus looked around. “Who? Who? Who is speaking?” he asked.

The potion was a success! “You can’t see me!” she cheered, taking to the skies. All that Viisaus could feel was a strange breeze that came from nowhere.

She just had to try out the invisibility on the mortals. She saw a clan hunting and flew directly over them. Confused, the men looked up. The could feel the wind, yet the dragons were nowhere in sight. The only things visible were the clouds over head.

“What is this strange occurrence?” one man asked, holding his hand to feel the movement of air.

“It is the Dragon Wind, yet I see no dragons… Perhaps it is just wind,” the other replied.

Wind? Lohikääme thought to herself. Indeed! Wind! That is what we shall be called! She breathed into the rushing air, “Wind… Wind… Invisible wind…”

Meanwhile Viisaus sat on his tree branch. “Should I have told her the spell would come and go as she needs it? No… It will probably never wear off.”


Epilogue: Return to the Future


Slowly, the flames of the tribal fire died down to nothing more than smoldering embers. Awe-struck, Mies sat and stared at the remains. “Amazing…” he whispered. “Our tribe was named after the first Invisible Wind?”

Isä nodded. “Our forefathers who were in this tribe at the time of the Invisible Wind fought tirelessly to rid the world of those who would harm Lohikääme and her offspring in hopes that she would one day grace them with her beauty,” he addressed his son.

“Are they gone now?” he asked, finally turning away from the remnants of the fire.

“We will only know when the wind no longer blows from unseen sources.”

“How long could that be?” Will I ever see the day?” His heart was racing at the mere thought of seeing a dragon of old soar across the skies.

“There is no way of telling for sure, but it is entirely possible.”

Mies turned his head skyward. “What I’d give to see Lohikääme herself…” he mumbled.

Suddenly, the winds died down, and the leaves ceased their incessant rustling. The entire tribe gasped as a red draconic tail wound its way through the trees, followed by hind legs, a body, forearms, and a long neck topped with a head.

“Lohikääme,” the tribe gasped as one.

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(For NaNo, I have been experimenting with different writing styles.  My first success was written in third-person limited.  The second was written in third-person omniscient.  Now, I am experimenting with a first-person narrative.)

To an extent, nearly everyone believes in the existence of some kind of supernatural force, be it a good force or a bad force. Nonetheless, it is a supernatural force. Being that I am a Christian, I believe in both, though with the former being stronger than that latter.

I hope that I can explain to you just what has been happening these past few months. My true desire is to make you believe that there is something beyond this world that should not be dealt with. Of course, I know a lot of people that are messing with these dark forces, and society is doing little to stop them. My goal is to stop you before you take it too far, dear reader.

The force I am talking about is that of the darkness. Many people know about it and deal with it as though it were old hap and they would never have to pay for what they have done. My friends have shown me otherwise for they have dealt with those forces. Demons are not something to play with! You have to believe me, Christa Elaine Abbot, for if you do not believe me, no one might ever believe, and then what am I to do?

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Excerpt from “A Light in the Dark”

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This is an excerpt from my Camp NaNoWriMo entry.  I’m coming up to the halfway mark.

There was a commotion ahead of her from out of nowhere. Curious as a cat and as stealthy as one, Ammira crept over to the crowd gathered around, cheering and hollering at whatever was going on. The sight puzzled her.

The mysterious blonde boy was on the ground, cheek slightly swollen and blood dripping from his nose. Ammira let out a gasp at the sight. It seemed so out of place on his otherwise heavenly perfect body. His white clothes were filthy with dirt and blood.

“See, boy-o,” the other person within the circle chuckled, “you could have made this all the easier upon your self if you had cut the snazzy talking and just giving me your money. Then we would not have all of these witnesses, eh?” He let out a boisterous laugh and lunged, grabbing the boy by his collar. With one might tug, he pulled him up onto his feet. In another move, he had landed a punch into the teen’s gut.

Ammira glared. These people just cheered on while that boy could very well be at the hands of Death. She balled up her fists, her bad hand screaming in searing pain. With her good hand, she pulled out her hilt. “Put him down!” she demanded.

The man quickly looked over and nearly doubled over in laughter. “Look, girl. I do not like to hurt girls, but I will if I have to. Just stay back. I would not want to have to snap you like a twig.”

“How about I snap you like a twig? Better yet, how about I cut you to ribbons instead?” she said, twirling the golden hilt.

“Your bark is a lot worse than your bite, child. Just stay back. In case no one told you, you can not cut someone without a blade,” he said, returning his attention to the boy.

“Well, lucky for me, I do have a blade,” she replied, flicking her wrist. The black blade seemed to come from within the hilt with a “shink.”

At that, the thug threw the blonde boy onto the ground and grabbed his own dagger. “Big mistake, girly,” he warned.

“I do not make mistakes, sir,” she retorted, running at him, sword drawn in her good hand.

The battle was over as quickly as it had started. The thug’s forceful and direct attacks were no match for her swift maneuvers. Her small body allowed for swifter movements than his hulking form. She landed a few minor blows to his arms and legs. Once he saw that he would be receiving more injuries than he was delivering, he turned and fled.

With a smug smile, Ammira turned to check on the blonde boy. She could not see him. Where he was there was merely an imprint in the dust that did not even look human. It seemed almost like that of a bird, or rather a human with bird wings. Seeing that he was nowhere around, she headed back to the castle. Too many people had seen her and had begun to talk about her.


Dragons have always been viewed as sheer myths and legends, however, England is advised to be on the lookout.  There have been multiple sightings from Austrichichichishire.

The dragons found have been noted as being 25 feet long and 10 feet high.  Their scales range anywhere from a dull green to a vibrant red.  Though they may appear beautiful, the dragons belong to a rogue clan of dragons, which he strongly advise anyone to stay away from.

Their diets consist mostly of rabbits, but there are reports of a few children gone missing.  This leads us to believe that the species found is knucker.  This species, though unable to fly, is extremely deadly.  It can run quickly and catch its prey.  Popular hiding places include wells and holes, known as knucker holes.  If you find one, you are strongly advised to go in the other direction and contact a local dragonologist to handle the dragon in the proper way.

Do not attempt to take matters into your own hands.  This can result in death, a highly unfavorable side effect of the knucker’s bite.  Leave the dragon alone.  That is your only required objective.

On a brighter note, there have been sightings of a European Dragon.  It is rather old, so it is not a threat.  It is also very amiable, so there is no worry.  Rather than eating you, he enjoys talking to you and engaging in riddling games for his own entertainment.

Please keep us up to date on any further dragon sightings so that we might spread the word about these almost extinct species.  Report your sightings to or call us at 555-DRAGONS.  Visit us on the web at www.dragonsROCK.drag.  Keep these species alive!

(Please note:  Everything in this is bogus.  Don’t try to e-mail/visit the website.  I just made them up.)



The Death of the Emperor (My legend for Spanish)

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It isn’t as good in English, but here it is.

It was raining cats and dogs very early in the morning.  The beautiful princess, Meralda, was going to her father, a very old emperor, in their large palace.  He was in his room, dead!  Meralda was very sad and was crying.  She went to her friend, the valient warior named Gabriel.  How did the emperor die?

The princess found Gabriel in the training grounds.  When she was asking him about her father, he was not responding.  She was very curious, but did not question him further.  Finally, Gabriel made a suggestion.  He told her to see the emperor’s wife because she was with him before he died.  She listened to him.

Her mother was in the emperor’s room when Meralda arrived.  While the two talked, Gabriel entered the room.  He was carrying a knife!  Meralda and her mother were frightened.  He was the enemy!  They ran quickly to the river.  Gabriel ran too fast and fell into the river.  Because he could not swim, he died.  Meralda and her mother returned to the palace.  They were very content because they knew the enemy of the emperor was dead.  The princess was a bit sad because the enemy was Gabriel, but his actions were terrible.  The princess and her mother lived happily ever after.

The end!


Yes.  It’s in spanish.  It was a Spanish project, but I was pretty happy with how it turned out.

Llovía gatos y perros my temprano por la mañana. La princesa hermosa, Meralda, íba a su padre, un emperador muy Viejo, en su palacio grande. Él estuvo en su cuarto, ¡muerto! Meralda estaba muy triste y lloraba. Ella fue a su amigo, el guerrero muy valiente que se llamaba Gabriel. ¿Comó murió el emperador?

La princesa encontró Gabriel en el campo del entrenamiento. Cuando ella le preguntaba sobre su padre, él no respondía. Meralda fue muy curiosa, pero no le preguntó más. Finalmente, Gabriel hizo una sugerencia. Él le dijo que vió a la esposa del emperador porque ella estuvo con el emperador antes de morir. Ella lo escuchó.

Su madre estaba en el cuarto del emperador cuando Meralda llegó. Mientras los dos hablaban, Gabriel entró el cuarto. ¡Él llevaba un cuchillo! Meralda y su madre tenían miedos. ¡Él era el enemigo! Los dos corrieron rápidamente al río. Gabriel corría mucho más rápidamente y cayó en el río. Como él no sabía nadar, él murió. Meralda y su madre regresaron a su palacio. Estaban contentas porque ellas sabían que el enemigo del emperador había muerto. La princesa estaba un poquito triste porque el enemigo era Gabriel pero sus acciones eran terrible. La princesa y su madre vivieron contentamente después de alguna vez.

¡El Fin!

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Dark and Light

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Dark and light,
A constant battle,
Always strife.
Sometimes dark leads
Then light commences.
A vicious cycle
Without end.
Like a serpent
Always after its tail
Traversing the vast oceans,
it goes around.
Peace can never exist
So long as dark and light
Remain in their quarrel.
So long as neither
Shall prevail.

But I shall say,
For I hold faith,
One day the quarrel will end.
One day, the light will prevail.
One day, the dark will perish.
One day, good will reign.
But for today,
The battle commences.
Light against dark,
Dark against light,
Good against evil,
And evil against good.

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